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Health Alert: Legalization of Pot Linked to Increase in Car Crash Injuries and Deaths. According to a recent
study, states that have legalized recreational marijuana have seen an increase in the rates for car crashes with injuries (6%) and fatal crashes (4%) that has not been observed in states that did not legalize the drug. Lead researcher Dr. Charles Farmer adds, “It’s becoming more and more clear that the legalization of marijuana doesn’t come without cost. But marijuana legalization is still a novelty, and there’s hope that these early trends can be turned around.”
Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, July 2022

Diet: Keto and Mediterranean Diets Good for Glucose Control. According to a recent study, both the ketogenic and Mediterranean diet are effective for improving glucose control and improving high-density lipoprotein (the good cholesterol) levels; however, participants found that the Mediterranean eating pattern was easier to sustain on a longterm basis. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, May 2022

Exercise: Exercise May Improve Thinking Speed. A study that included 758 participants found that women with
higher cardiorespiratory fitness performed better on thinking speed assessments than their sedentary peers. However, no such observation was noted in men.                                                  Neurology, July 2022

Chiropractic: Early Chiropractic Care Reduces Opioid Use for Patients with Low Back Pain. A review of insurance claims for around 41,000 adults with back pain revealed that those who sought chiropractic care initially were 12% less likely to receive a subsequent opioid prescription and 46% less likely to use opioids in the long term. Because only 6% of the patients in this study sought chiropractic care first, the findings suggest that encouraging patients to consult with a chiropractor for new-onset back pain could significantly reduce long-term opioid use and misuse.                                           Journal of Chiropractic Medicine, June 2022

Mental Attitude: Childhood Loneliness May Lead to Drinking Problems in Adulthood. Interviews with more
than 300 college students found that those who experienced loneliness before age twelve were more likely to report
higher present day stress levels and problematic drinking behaviors.                                                                                  Addictive Behaviors Reports, July 2022

Wellness/Prevention: Special Brain Scans May Aid in Early Parkinson’s Disease. With the aid of a new technology called quantitative magnetic resonance imaging (qMRI), researchers are now able to detect changes to a part of the brain called the striatum, which helps the body move voluntarily and is known to deteriorate with Parkinson’s disease. When qMRI becomes clinically available, it will help doctors detect Parkinson’s in its earliest stages.                                                           Science Advances, July 2022

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