Custom Made Functional Orthotics

Megna Chiropractic offers a wide range of  products and services to meet all of your custom orthotic needs in Napa.

Why Custom Orthotics?

Custom orthotic inserts are specialized devices that are made specifically to support any misalignment of your feet.
The common one-size fits all approach is just not realistic considering the many variations in people’s feet.
These Custom foot orthotics fit into your shoes and are to be worn while performing your regular activities.
Custom Orthotics support the bones and  joints of the foot, creating a more stable platform while standing and while you are in motion.

We will create high quality orthotic inserts for you,
that will properly balance and redistribute weight to a more neutral and balanced posture,
thus reducing stress, strain, inflammation and pain.


No matter what your particular needs are, you will be satisfied with our full spectrum of Custom Orthotic Inserts.

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