When it comes to your health, there are no shortcuts.
Good health stems from good science!

Dr. Joseph T. Megna  believes in the scientific approach when designing weight loss programs, discovering food sensitivities & allergies, hormone testing and performance training to name a few.  Dr.  Megna utilizes Morphogenic Field Technique and the top nutrition products available to help you achieve optimal health.

Morphogenic Field Testing is an innovative energy signature testing procedure that will allow us to determine what improvements are needed in your nutritional health.

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E = mc2

The famous “Theory of Relativity” proposed by Albert Einstein basically states that if you change matter you will also change energy.
Everything is matter.
Everything is energy.
Using Morphogenic Field Technique, I am able to read and respond to the energy of your matter.
We are able to change your matter and your energy by adding matter and energy to it in the form of natural whole food concentrates.
The Standard Process and MediHerb nutritional and herbal supplements that I work with all have their own unique energy signatures. These unique energies have been clinically proven to increase the size and balance of your Morphogenic (energy) Field. A large balanced energy field is an indicator of improving energy, vitality and health.

A Brief History of the Concepts of Energy Physics

Newtonian Physics – (1600’s) The laws and observations about the “visible stuff”. Time is a constant and the thinking is linear.
Field Theory Physics – (1860’s) Acknowledgement that there are forces that cannot be explained by Newtonian Laws. Electro-magnetics, gravity and the earth’s magnetic pole (e.g. compasses).
Quantum Physics – (1895) To explain the energy of electro-magnetic fields. EMF’s are created by photons that occur between two electrons “in the field” (e.g. from X-rays to bio-photons).
The Physics of “Scale”
Relativity Physics – (1900) The concept that “time is relative” and not “constant” (Einstein)
String Theory Physics – (1970) An example of how science loves consistency. Since the 1970’s, String Theory has attempted to link all of the other theories. Is there a common denominator? There are at least 15 versions of String Theory!
Unified Theory of Physics – No scientific consensus, although the Torus pattern links them all.

Quantum Health Care vs. Newtonian Health Care

 Quantum Physics has been accepted by the scientific community for more than 70 years. Yet very little quantum science has been used in mainstream healthcare. Some medical diagnostic equipment uses quantum concepts (e.g. MRI’s, CT and PET scans), but the pharmaceutical treatments used in mainstream medicine continue to be based upon old Newtonian thinking. Most pharmaceuticals target a known linear (Newtonian) metabolic pathway for their therapeutic effect. Quantum science predicts that drug side effects and adverse reactions will occur when other parallel pathways are unintentionally affected. Morphogenic Field Technique’s nutritional and herbal protocols naturally have fewer side effects because there is a preexisting “Quantum Agreement”. Feeding the body organic whole food will always be a great health improvement solution.

 The Energy Signature of Pharmaceutical Supplements

The “Big Pharma” companies have noticed the increased public interest in nutritional supplements. They have increased their product lines and marketing efforts in an attempt to capture revenue from this heightened interest. They produce five types of “artificial” vitamin supplements called Synthetic, Fractionated, Crystalline, Oxides and Esters. With rare exception, this type of supplementation draws energy away from the body rather than providing energy to it. Almost universally, the energy signatures of these substances are mismatches to the body’s own energy (Morphogenic) field.

Did you know that… 

  • There are 70 trillion cells in one human body
  • 70 billion new cells are grown in your body each day
  • Skin cells turn over continually – every 27 days
  • Blood cells turn over every 90 to 120 days
  • Muscle cells turn over every 1 to 3 years
  • Bone cells turn over every 2 to 4 years
  • Nervous system cells turn over every 7 years
  • 90% of your current body consists of what you ate last year or earlier!
  • In 7 years you will have a whole new body!

It took time to get sick, give your body the time it needs to rebuild health.

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