Pain Relief Services

How can you benefit from my gentle pain relieving methods?

Back & Neck Relief

I offer relief of back and neck pain caused by postural stress and over exertion. Office and construction workers, as well as those who frequently exercise find that occasional Chiropractic care even improves their work and play performance, thanks to more relaxed pain free movement.

Greater Comfort

I offer a natural, effective way to decrease pain, swelling and stiffness and increase flexibility and mobility without the use of aspirin or other drugs.

More Energy

I offer an effective means of improving circulation, replacing fatigue with renewed energy, and relieving stress and tension.

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Eliminating stress and pressure on nerves is another wonderful benefit of my care. Using my education, training, and experience, with my hands, and a state of the art computerized adjusting instrument, I can pinpoint stiff muscles and areas of abnormal restriction and gently release the pressure and stiffness.

This in turn stimulates the body’s own self-healing processes. Some of my patients have told me that my technique is nothing less than a miracle!

Increased pain free movement is one of the main benefits of the conservative Chiropractic care I offer. Given my training and experience, in most instances, I can pinpoint the exact location of the cause of your pain, stiffness, numbness or weakness.

Pain, incidentally, is something that you should not ignore. Frequent headaches, neck, shoulder and arm pain as well as low back, knee and foot pain are all signs that something is physically not right! If left untreated, spine and joint problems can develop into even more serious and irreversible degenerative joint problems down the road.

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