Nutritional Health Checkup – Napa

Worried that your diet doesn’t provide you with optimal levels of important vitamins and minerals?

Do you exclude certain food groups, or don’t have time to prepare nourishing meals?

Whatever your reason, our diet and nutrition tests will help you check your nutritional status and provide solutions that can make you feel better and prevent disease.

Preventive Health Nutritional Screenings

Preventive Health Nutritional Screenings are an affordable and effective way to identify hidden disease risk. For many people, getting screened is the first step in early intervention to prevent potential health events later in their lives. A Preventive Health Nutritional Screening will help you understand your risks so that you can take the right steps towards a healthier future.

Diet and Nutrition Health Screenings

Our diet and nutrition screening is designed to help you check for any dietary deficiencies that could be affecting your health. Find out whether you have optimal levels of important nutrients with our test process.

Many people are at risk for diseases such as stroke and heart disease but experience no symptoms. Early detection and control can prevent major consequences down the road.

Using Morphogenic Field Testing we can determine what improvements are needed in your nutritional health.

Then a solution using whole food supplements can be developed to target your specific needs.

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